HELP! Winter is not coming to the Moominvalley!

Go on a new Moomin adventure featuring many of the beloved ©Moomin Characters™ such as the kind hearted Moomin, the fearless little My and the carefree Snufkin and more.


MOOMIN QUEST is a new Mobile App Game based on the world famous Moomin characters created by the author Tove Jansson.

As your favourite character, whether it’s kindhearted Moomin or fearless Little My, you are guided through the Moominvalley  as you make your way to find The Lady of the Cold. In this adventure from Moominvalley, you have to move QUICKLY and think FAST.

But you better watch out! You never know where the leery Groke will be lurking…



Interested in and excited about everything he sees and finds, always trying to be good, but sometimes getting into trouble while doing so, he is very brave and always finds a way to make his friends happy.


The lonesome philosophical traveller, who likes to play the harmonica and wanders around the world with only a few things, so as not to make his life complicated. He always comes and goes as he pleases, is carefree and has lots of admirers in Moominvalley.

Little My

A mischievous tomboyish little girl, who lives in the Moomin house and has a brave, spunky personality. She likes adventure, but loves catastrophes, and often does mean things on purpose. She finds messiness and untidiness exciting and is very down to earth, when others aren’t.


A small creature, who lives in the Moomin house. He likes to take part in everything, but is afraid to do anything dangerous. Sniff appreciates all valuables and makes many plans to get rich, but does not succeed.


MOOMIN QUEST offers fun and fast gameplay where you need not only quick fingers but fast thinking.

Guide you favourite character tapping on various ground tiles but be aware since a lot of these tiles are tricky! Some of them can be tapped only in special conditions, can be frozen, can become invisible or need to be tapped several times! And more! So be prepared!

You can read below some details.

Long Ice Tile

Long Ice Tiles are quite common and can be met frequently.

You need to just tap and hold to pass them.

It is easy and fun!

Crack Tile

You need to tap twice to pass Crack Tiles! Your first tap will only crack it so they can be really hard in fast levels.

Be aware and try to remember their locations.

Fog Tile

Fog Tiles can be really tricky! They can become invisible  and appear in the middle or even at the very bottom of your screen.

So be aware and don’t miss them.

There are special Fog Levels where only Fog Tiles will appear!

Lava Tile

Lava tiles can suddenly ignite so be sure to do not tap them at this time. Tapping burning Lava Tile will increase the game speed for a short period of time, be careful!

Big Tile

You need to tap multiple times to pass Big Tiles.

The game speed will be slowed so try to use it to your advantage!

Stinky Tile

Stinky tiles work the same way as Lava Tiles. Tap it only when the tile is green and Stinky is not appearing on it. Tapping Stinky Tile will increase the game speed significantly!

Lucky for you Stinky Tiles will appear only on special Stinky Levels.


Branches in woods, huge rocks in mountains, fireballs near volcanos and icicles in ice caves. Tapping those will increase the game speed, so try to evade them on your way.


The world of Moomin is a big place and you are going to see a lot of it during your journey.

Starting with the beautiful Moomin valley, then taking you through mystical woods full of Hattifatteners. Wander through the scary Lonely Mountains, trying to avoid the Groke.

Each area will offer new challenges and new gameplay elements.


© Moomin Characters ™